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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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In Theaters: October 17, 2003

Horror | 1h 38m

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User rating: 4.09

Based on 9148 votes and 398 reviews.

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User rating: November 21, 2017

Many of the comments here are laughable. People actually thought this trash was scary?!? I've seen scarier episodes Scooby-Doo. This movie is total garbage. Watch Tobe Hooper's original masterpiece instead.

User rating: December 4, 2016

Total garbage. An insult to Tobe Hooper's original and its fans. No scares, suspense, or logic. It was already terrible enough without the casting of the reprehensible Jessica Biel.

User rating: January 14, 2013

Wow, this was amazing!

User rating: January 14, 2013

Amazing film ! SO scary!!!

User rating: June 17, 2008

it wa alright not that scary

User rating: January 13, 2008

Loosely based on the real story..The real killer,Ed Gein,who never even used a chainsaw and never lived in texas,nor was a local butcher,or had a demented family,was captured by the police and put into a mental institution for being declared insane by the court. He murdered people,and yes; wore their faces,and butchered their bodies,and other herendous acts including grave digging,where he used skins and parts of humans for his household appliances. The TCM was just based on the real events,not coming very close..and its strange how people can find stories which inspires true events of murcer,etc. entertaning,because all i see of it is using people who were killed by a sick killer,and puttin

User rating: May 7, 2007

The SCARIEST movei h ave ever seen! I wood NEVER watch it again..too scary!! LOL

User rating: January 17, 2007

this movie is completely terryfing..the most scary and gory horror movie i ever seen in my entire life..scared the livin he** out of me! i cant believe this really happened....this crazo wearing skin masks(yuck) truly terryfing!! wanna be scared to he**? this movie ll do the job...100% gaurenteed

User rating: January 4, 2007

it was pretty scary! i can`t believe someone would butcher people and cut their faces off!!

User rating: October 31, 2006

I wasn`t tramautized by this movie but I thought it was very creepy. I love horror movies and this movie was very good! Very very good. I loved it. 5/5