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The Omicron Killer

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In Theaters: February 22, 2024

Horror, Thriller

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User rating: 5

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User rating: March 14, 2024

I had a jolly good time watching this film. It's like a blast from the past! It's an 80's film but if it were made today. I love it!

User rating: February 27, 2024

This movie was really good. "Low budget" doesn't mean bad. More entertaining than most Hollywood films recently released. I didn't fall asleep watching this like I have watching other multi million dollar productions. Anyone just making complaints about this film either 1) didn't watch it 2) just want to hate someone that made something because they never made anything 3) have no idea what a good film is 4) watched it but just looked for anything negative instead of what story was being told and all the Easter eggs left for the viewer to discover. I watched this movie when I heard it was coming out because so many "critics" were saying one thing but then gave it a low rating. It didn't add up. I watched this movie twice in upstate ny and I am glad I did. I was correct. These so called "critics" aren't making any sense. You can tell after watching this film that they liked it but it hurts them to admit it or that they never watched the movie and just want to seem edgy and "funny". Which the movie has way more funny lines and it is a good mixture of real life. It almost seems as though it's a real story with elements of imagination. If the name of the film makes you squeamish you don't even like horror films and shouldn't be making a review. Someone wrote there are not enough kills. Over 10 and counting isn't enough? And these kills looked real. You wonder if anyone actually got hurt in the making of this movie they look and sound so realistic. The story alone kept me riveted because I could relate and even sympathize with the "killer". Think Falling Down meets (Friday the 13th/Halloween) you pick one. And there's a plot and side plots that bind this movie together. Nothing feels wasted. Now let's discuss the killer. Not one word uttered yet he said tons just with facial expressions and eye movement. This alone with the kills gives this movie at least a 7 and then everythi