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Ocean's Thirteen

User rating: 3.7 77 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: June 8, 2007

PG-13 | Comedy, Thriller | 2h 2m

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User rating: 3.7

Based on 1724 votes and 77 reviews.

  • User rating: 242 51.16%
  • User rating: 69 14.59%
  • User rating: 37 7.82%
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  • User rating: 96 20.30%

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User rating: October 15, 2011

Julia Roberts at her sexiest!

User rating: December 22, 2007

Good movie, though not as good as the first one, but better then the second. If you like heist movies,, let alone the ocean movies, give it a shot, I'm sure it won't dissapoint!:)

User rating: September 16, 2007

best ocean's movie yet

User rating: September 11, 2007

After about 10 minutes I was snoring away. (I remember the same thing happened when I saw Oceans Eleven on an overseas flight). When I woke up 2 hours later, I asked my bro what he found of the movie. He said "I dunno...I fell asleep shortly after you...". Twenty bucks down the drain.

User rating: August 29, 2007

It's great to finally have this on dvd to complete my "Ocean's" collection. I think it's actually my favourite of the series and the disc comes packed with some really cool extras!

User rating: July 29, 2007

A very high four stars for this fine addition to the Ocean's series. Full of wit and fine acting, plot twists and engaging moments, I thought this a very worthy successor to the first.

User rating: July 29, 2007

it was better than the second but not the first but i thought it was really good

User rating: July 16, 2007

good, it was better then i thought it would be, it wasnt quite as good as the first one, but alot better then the second one

User rating: July 13, 2007

i thought it was pretty good

User rating: July 12, 2007

pretty good, better than Ocean's 12 - but I still prefer Ocean's 11. Overall, worth the watch, I found it entertaining