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Love the Coopers

User rating: 2.97 19 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: November 13, 2015

PG-13 | Comedy | 1h 47m

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User rating: 2.97

Based on 60 votes and 19 reviews.

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User rating: November 16, 2015

Good movie. No it won't win an Oscar, but entertaining enough and we laughed out loud a few times. Nice little Christmas movie with a pretty good feel

User rating: November 16, 2015

Beautiful family story with some Life Lessons we All can Benefit from! Enjoyed this movie!! :)

User rating: November 15, 2015

While not having Oscar potential it is good entertaining movie that will appeal to all who struggle with doing what is expected during the Christmas holiday.

User rating: November 15, 2015

this movie was so bad that it's going to win a award for the worst movie of the year. What a waste of money, left before movie finished.

User rating: November 14, 2015

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen! Cannot believe it is advertised as a Christmas movie. Very depressing and not funny at all! It was all over the place. Wanted to leave - I should have.

User rating: November 13, 2015

Great cast...but very slow, boring, no plot whatsoever. Joe was the best character.

User rating: November 13, 2015

Very funny, love the cast.

User rating: November 13, 2015

What a horrible peice of garbage this movie is . Goes from one scene to another , nothing really comes together . No real plot . Horrible acting . I wish I could rate this a big fat 0 . My fiancé and I ended up walking out of the movie . Don't waste your money on this one people . I'm glad it was free for me

User rating: November 12, 2015

I attended the screening with a friend & we both loved this movie for its witty uplifting comedy. In particular enjoyed the airport couple's (Jake Lacy & Olivia Wilde) new romance and feel the entire cast gave strong performances.