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User rating: July 10, 2010

I love you godzilla what an epic movie

User rating: December 8, 2008

bad acting, good affects. overall good movie.

User rating: October 2, 2008

The original with Matthew Broderick was much better than this cinematic slop.

User rating: October 1, 2008

terrible movie. a waste of money

User rating: July 5, 2007

it was so boring and fake. Watching this after seeing the classic godzilla from 1998 was really dissapointing. ruined the whole story of godzilla

User rating: June 26, 2004

I was an amazing classic Godzilla movie. I enjoyed it very much and i have on DVD and video. I cant wait till December 2004 because they are making another Godzilla movie and after that, bad news Godzilla not making anymore movies till a decade.

User rating: November 24, 2003

Very good! It was like a 23rd anniversarry classica Godzilla movie. Keep up the good work, Godzilla!

User rating: October 6, 2003


User rating: August 18, 2003


User rating: July 17, 2003

Exellect and lots of action. Godzilla is the best monster of all times. Monsters where well done on computer.