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User rating: 2.16

Based on 448 votes and 74 reviews.

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User rating: August 26, 2016

My favourite Michael Keaton movie. So underrated.

User rating: September 9, 2009

was an amazing film... if you didnt like it, you clearly didnt 'get it'! Its very intellectual, exciting and will a great cast. Yes, it is a little slow getting going, but once you get into it, you are glued!

User rating: July 17, 2009

I watched this movie twice! First time at home, and the second time is on an airplane! And yet, I falled asleep twice and never gotta finish the movie! It was an extremely Boring and Complicated movie! 1 star forsure!

User rating: June 12, 2009

Its the most awesome movie I was like o my god!!!

User rating: May 10, 2009

From the premise and the stars I expected something decent. This truly had to be one of the worst ENGLISH non-subtitled movies I have ever see. What were they thinking????? I was nodding off in the movie.

User rating: April 19, 2009

Waste of Money

User rating: April 15, 2009

Terribly boring! I can't believe I stuck around to see the end! A waste of time and money!

User rating: April 13, 2009

This movie is brutal. A waste of time and money.

User rating: April 12, 2009

A bit dissapointing, especially considering the great cast. The movie seemed to drag on at times.

User rating: April 10, 2009

I find it very boring in some parts, because i already know what's going to happen because they didn't input enough mystery.