Craig McCracken

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Date of Birth: 1971

A natural artist, McCracken began drawing and creating animated characters as early as age three. While watching episodes of Tintin, Flaming Carrot, Buckaroo Banzai and the 1960's Batman show, he decided he wanted to draw cartoons and years later he entered Cal Arts in Los Angeles to study animation.

During his studies, he created his most famous characters, The Powerpuff Girls, though back then they were called Whoopass Girls. Soon after graduation, McCracken began working on a number of cartoons for the Cartoon Network, including Dexter's Laboratory (created by a fellow classmate), Justice Friends, Dial M for Monkey, 2 Stupid Dogs and The Powerpuff Girls. He has also created and directed the short animated films No Neck Joe and Whoopass Stew! for Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation.

With the popularity of The Powerpuff Girls on the rise, McCracken was offered the opportunity to make a feature length film on the little superheroes. In 2002 he released his first full length feature for which he wrote, directed and worked on the storyboard.

Filmography (director):

The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002)
No Neck Joe (1997)
Whoopass Stew! (1992)