Alex Meraz

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Date of Birth: January 10, 1985

Alex Meraz is of the Purepecha (Tarasco) First Nation of Michoacan, Mexico and was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. Working throughout the Phoenix area, he taught classes at schools and community centers in all aspects of art from mask making to break dancing. As a graduate of the New School for the Arts, Meraz has since developed as a multi-faceted performer and artist.

For 12 years, he competed in the world of mixed martial arts, winning numerous tournaments in karate and capoeira, which led him to train with Andy Cheng as a stuntman.

Highly sought after in the indigenous dance world, Meraz has worked as a lead dancer with renowned choreographers Raoul Trujillo, Rulan Tangen and Santee Smith, to name a few. He is a founding member of Rulan Tangen's company, Dancing Earth. Meraz's acclaim for his work with Dancing Earth earned him the honor of being hand-picked for a troupe selected to represent the United States in a performance for Jordan's royal family in Amman.

In 2008, he was nominated for a Gemini award along with three cast members for his appearance in an episode of the six-part series Dancing with Spirit.

Meraz's achievements in the performing arts world led to a small role in Terrence Malick's film The New World, starring Colin Farrell and Christian Bale. He was then chosen to play Paul, a Quileute werewolf in the blockbuster film The Twilight Saga: New Moon and reprised the role in the follow-up film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Since then, he has filmed a part in the independent film City of Gardens and was chosen to play the lead in Savage Innocent, alongside Ray Liotta and Rory Culkin.

Meraz and his wife, Kim, have a child together.