The Governess

Set in England between the Georgian and Victorian eras, Minnie Driver plays a young Jewish woman who, after the death of her father, changes her name to Mary Blackchurch and is offered the job of nanny for the gentile Cavendish family on the Isle of Skye off the coast of England. She is quickly taken in by the family as one of their own. But things become complicated when Mary discovers the experiments Mr. Cavendish (Tom Wilkinson) is conducting behind the locked doors of his laboratory. Cavendish is close to discovering how to develop photographic images, and as he and Mary start working together on the project, their romantic attraction becomes irresistibly passionate.
Cast: Minnie Driver, Tom Wilkinson, Harriet Walter, Florence Hoath, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Director: Sandra Goldbacher
Studio: Sony Pictures Classics
Producer(s): Sally Hibbin, Sarah Curtis
Writer(s): Sandra Goldbacher