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The Bourne Identity

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In Theaters: June 14, 2002

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Thriller | 1h 58m

The Bourne Identity

Ten strangers with secrets are brought together in a savage rainstorm: A limo driver (Cusack), an 80s TV star (De Mornay), a cop (Liotta) who is transporting a killer (Busey), a call girl (Peet), a pair of newlyweds (Duvall, Scott) and a family in crisis (McGinley, Kenzle, Loehr), all take shelter at a desolate motel run by a nervous night manager (Hawkes).

Relief in finding shelter is quickly replaced with fear as the ten travelers begin to die, one by one. They soon realize that, if they are to survive, they'll have to uncover the secret that has brought them all together.
Cast: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Chris Cooper, Clive Owen, Brian Cox, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Director: Doug Liman
Studio: Universal Pictures
Producer(s): Richard N. Gladstein, Doug Liman, Patrick Crowley
Writer(s): Tony Gilroy, William Blake Herron
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