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The Big Kahuna

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In Theaters: January 20, 2000

R | Comedy, Drama | 1h 30m

The Big Kahuna

Three industrial lubricant salesmen attend a convention in Wichita, and in a hospitality suite, spend the weekend sharing stories and tales of their experiences. Larry (Spacey) is a smooth-talking slick operator whose brutal honesty comes as no surprise to his old pal Phil (DeVito) but shocks and offends young Bob (Facinelli). Recently married, deeply religious and a bit nervous about his first convention, Bob's wholesome righteousness irks Larry to no end. Trying to keep the peace is Phil, whose been in the business the longest.

As the evening progresses the three men wait for an important potential client to stop by - "the big kahuna."

Written by Roger Rueff, based on his play "Hospitality Suite."
Cast: Peter Facinelli, Danny DeVito, Kevin Spacey
Director: John Swanbeck
Studio: Lions Gate
Producer(s): Andrew Stevens, Elie Samaha, Kevin Spacey
Writer(s): Roger Rueff
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