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L.A. Confidential

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In Theaters: September 19, 1997

R | Drama, Thriller

L.A. Confidential

Los Angeles in the early 50s. Unrelenting sunshine, alluring glamour, easy money and a burgeoning industry called Hollywood. The entire country is transfixed by the seductive images coming from the City of Angles. But beneath the gleaming surface lies a corrupt soul. The energy and growth of post-war America is a combustible mix that's bound to explode.

L.A. Confidential presents a gallery of characters, complete with smooth glamorous beauties and charming ambitious men who all cross into the dissolute and twisted terrain of lawlessness
Cast: James Cromwell, Danny DeVito, Kevin Spacey, David Strathairn, Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger
Director: Curtis Hanson
Studio: Warner Bros.
Producer(s): Arnon Milchan, Curtis Hanson, Michael Nathanson
Writer(s): Brian Helgeland, Curtis Hanson