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Elbow Grease

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In Theaters: February 19, 2021

Comedy, Drama, Family | 1h 54m

Elbow Grease

Billy and Ellie may be hitting a rough patch in their marriage, but it's nothing compared to the chaos that arrives with Billy's brother, Randy. As the wayward "black sheep" of the family, Randy upends Billy and Ellie's admittedly boring routine, and sends their whole small town of Guppie, South Carolina into a tizzy as everyone prepares for the annual fall festival. Buckle up for a wild ride as Randy unleashes his personal brand of mayhem, and watch as he just might become what they needed, but never wanted. Like, never ever.

Cast: Burt Reynolds, Michael Abbott Jr., R. Keith Harris, Whitney Goin, Walter Duckworth, Michael Provost
Director: Jason Shirley
Producer(s): Jason Shirley, Paul Papadeas, Matthew Zboyovski
Writer(s): Jason Shirley