Convinced that achieving good grades in school is nothing more than a form of control over young people's minds, Handsome Davis (Fehrman) and his best friends Sammy Victor and Crabtree figure out a way to cheat the system.

But in their final year the school's principal declares that if anyone is caught cheating, it will be recorded on their permanent records. Risking their chances of getting into college and their friendship, Handsome will try and keep his friends on the crooked path he's created.

Cast: Elden Henson, Trevor Fehrman, Matthew Lawrence, Martin Starr, Mary Tyler Moore, Shayn Solberg, Bill Switzer
Director: Andrew Gurland
Studio: Alliance Atlantis
Producer(s): A.J. Dix, Chris Bender, J.C. Spink
Writer(s): Andrew Gurland