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Chapter 27

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In Theaters: March 28, 2008

R | Drama | 1h 24m

Chapter 27

He came to New York to meet John Lennon... and the world changed forever. The controversial film about John Lennon's killer in the days leading up to his assassination of the visionary poet, activist and musician makes its Winnipeg premiere despite a worldwide boycott. Jared Leto packed on 67 pounds to play the lead, and his performance has as many champions as vitriolic detractors. Premiere magazine called the film "visually ugly, morally non-existent and a complete black hole in the departments of insight and wit, Chapter 27 is quite possibly the most godawful, irredeemable film to yet emerge in the 21st century." Is Chapter 27 thoughtless exploitation or is the negative criticism directed at the subject rather than the film? Come decide for yourself.

Cast: Jared Leto
Director: J.P. Schaefer
Studio: Peace Arch Films
Writer(s): J.P. Schaefer
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