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Beyond The Mat

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In Theaters: March 3, 2000

R | Documentary | 1h 42m

Beyond The Mat

This documentry focuses on the lives of professional wrestlers Terry Funk, Mick Foley (Mankind), Jake Roberts (Jake the Snake), and Darren Drozdov (Droz). As the film progresses the story of their lives unfolds. During the study we learn how the wrestling industry is not the plastic-weapons fake-slap sideshow that many have perceived it to be.

We are also treated to interviews with the family of Mick Foley and what it is like for them to know their father literally puts his life on the line every week and how it feels to have other children call their father a "fake".

Cast: Terry Funk, Mike Foley, Jake Roberts, Aurelian Smith Jr., Vince McMahon, Roland Alexander, Collett Foley, Dewey Foley, Noelle Foley, Brandy Smith, Mick Foley, Collette Foley, Paul Heyman, Tony Jones, Mike Modest, Darren Drozdov, Barry Blaustein, Mark Calloway, Matthew Hyson, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jerry Lawler, Shane McMahon, Jim Ross
Director: Barry W. Blaustein
Studio: Lions Gate Films
Producer(s): Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Barry W. Blaustein, Barry Bloom, Michael Rosenberg
Writer(s): Barry W. Blaustein
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