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The Unhitch King

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In Theaters: September 23, 2022

Comedy | 1h 30m

The Unhitch King

A young man named DELBERT flounders through adulthood pursuing his adolescent dream of becoming a viral comedian. A hilarious stunt at his thankless job gets him fired. Desperate for money, Delbert stumbles into a career using his comedy to break up couples for cash. Dubbed the "UNHITCH KING," he becomes the stuff of legends and his services are sought after far and wide. Delbert finds fame and fortune but a chance meeting with a beautiful coffee shop owner alters Delbert's path and he discovers the truth about what really matters in life and love.
Cast: Rob Kazi, Connie Garnes, Tahir Moore, James Jefferson Jr., MC Magic , Cristian Gutierrez, Royce Bell, De'Jan London, Tracy Sanders, MC Magic
Director: Irin Daniels
Producer(s): Brytwauna Tang, D.F. Wright, Danielle Nelson, JMR Serrato, John Diaz, Mychal Banis
Writer(s): Irin Daniels, Danielle Nelson, Lonnie Platter, JMR Serrato