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The Relentless Patriot

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In Theaters: June 14, 2024

Documentary | 1h 34m

The Relentless Patriot

For 30 years, Scott LoBaido has been a voice; fighting with you and for you on so many issues: promoting and celebrating Old Glory, those who serve, and our great American way, using art, heart, and passion. Now it is time to tell his story, the good, the bad and the ugly that got him to where he is today. He is advocating as a giant voice for you, the American People, through the unusual suspect - Art.

An inspiring American Story of art, patriotism, and activism, told with tons of stills and video footage from Scott's extensive career, that will surely blow your mind. After 30 years, this story must be told - NOW more than ever.

Cast: Bill Clinton
Director: Christopher Martini
Producer(s): Dan Caropreso