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Rite of the Shaman

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In Theaters: May 27, 2022

Drama | 1h 9m

Rite of the Shaman

Kai is a mute high school student who's taking care of his sick mother. He finds solace in botany and nature, as well as memories of his late grandfather, who was a shaman and an owl trainer. Spiraling into a deep depression, Kai soon faces a decision -- continue down a dark path or become the healer and beacon of light he was truly meant to be.
Cast: James Morris, Tyrell Oberle, Janice Spencer-Wise, Lauren Holdt, Kim Stone, Ethan Bracken, James Martin, Timothy Peacock, Debbie Sainsbury
Director: Alicia Farmer
Producer(s): Albert Spencer-Wise, Annette Coester, Jd Allen, John Farmer, Trish Walker
Writer(s): Alicia Farmer, Janice Spencer-Wise