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In Theaters: March 21, 2024

PG | Action, Adventure, Drama | 1h 31m


This film's for the BMX bike racers of the world. A small town is out to raise funds by building a BMX racetrack and sponsoring a major race. They sponsor their own small-town hero Cru (Bill Allen) who's up against the big-monied sponsor's champion Bart Taylor (played by Olympic gymnast-turned-actor, Bart Thomas). Bart's the bad guy here, who doesn't play by the rules. The film's highlights are found in the stunt-filled race sequences, where the two duel it out on their high-flying two wheelers.
Cast: Bill Allen, Bart Conner, Jamie Clarke, Laura Jacoby, H.B. Haggerty
Director: Hal Needham
Producer(s): Sam Bernard