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Cat Person

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In Theaters: October 6, 2023

Drama, Thriller | 2h 0m

Cat Person

Margot, a college student working concessions at an arthouse theater, meets frequent filmgoer - and rather older local - Robert, on the job. Flirtation across the counter evolves into continuous texting. As the two inch toward romance, shifts between them, awkward moments, red flags, and discomforts pile up. Margot feels both attached and reticent, as her gnawing hesitations blossom into vivid daydreams where Robert realizes his most threatening potential. As her distrust and uncertainty mount, an evening, their relationship, and possibly their lives unravel.
Cast: Christopher Shyer, Isabella Rossellini, Hope Davis, Isabella Rossellini, Nicholas Braun, Emilia Jones
Director: Susanna Fogel
Producer(s): Helen Estabrook, Jeremy Steckler
Writer(s): Michelle Ashford