Brokedown Palace

A cautionary tale about accepting gifts from strangers, this film finds two best friends in a Midnight Express, Return to Paradise dilemma. Following their high school graduation, Alice and Darlene head to exotic Thailand for some fun in the sun. Once there they meet a hunky Australian who persuades them to come along to Hong Kong at his expense. Of course, they’re being set up as drug mules and get caught with a suitcase full of heroin at the Bangkok airport. (The Aussie actually tips off the customs people to use the girls' arrest as a diversionary tactic to get his other mules through.)

Unsuccessfully defended by a Thai lawyer and all but abandoned by their own government, the girls rot in a Thai prison, their only hope for salvation an American expatriate lawyer that they're none-too enamored with.
Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Lou Diamond Phillips, Claire Danes, Bill Pullman, Daniel Lapaine, Jacqueline Kim, Paul Walker IV, Chad Todhunter, Maya Elise Goodwin
Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Producer(s): Adam Fields
Writer(s): Adam Fields, David Arata
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