Megan Charpentier

Megan Charpentier Photo


Date of Birth: May 26, 2001

Megan Charpentier, was three years old when she did her first audition—a commercial for Mattel. She landed the role and won her first TV role in the series Painkiller Jane by the time she was five.

She made her feature film debut in Jennifer’s Body, playing the younger version of Amanda Seyfried’s character, then played a young Seyfried again in Red Riding Hood.

Her first starring role in a major motion picture was as Victoria, one of two sisters who are haunted by a possessive ghost in Guillermo del Toro's Mama, opposite Jessica Chastain.

Megan's most recent project is the drama The Shack (2017) with Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer.

She lives in Vancouver with her family and enjoys horseback riding and bicycling.


It (2017)
The Shack (2017)
The Games Maker (2014)
Mama (2013)
Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
Red Riding Hood (2011)
Frankie & Alice (2010)
Jennifer’s Body (2009)