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The Walk (2022)

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In Theaters: June 10, 2022

R | Drama | 1h 45m

The Walk (2022)

In 1974 Irish cop Bill Coughlin contends with fierce social pressure and rampant bigotry when he's assigned to protect Black students being bused into the all-white South Boston High School. The political and social fallout from the court-ordered integration results in brutal violence and citywide protests. Meanwhile, Coughlin's 17-year-old daughter soon experiences a change of heart when she witnesses the immense bravery of a Black teen and her father.
Cast: Justin Chatwin, Jeremy Piven, Terrence Howard, Malcolm McDowell, Anastasiya Mitrunen, Timothy McNeil, Maggie Wagner, Jenny Griffin, Coletrane Williams, Matthew Blade, Jackson Baker
Director: Daniel Adams
Producer(s): Michael Mailer, Hank Blumenthal, Paul Hazen
Writer(s): George Powell , Daniel Adams