Intermission Overview

A misguided break-up between two young lovers initiates a series of events affecting everyone around them with cataclysmic results. All the characters are blissfully unaware of the accidental nature of life and the way in which their lives intersect, careening from the hilariously funny to the heart-breakingly sad. The hapless lover and his best mate; the sex-starved singleton; the maverick detective and a ruthlessly petty thief; the pretty girl on the rebound with an older married man; the ambitious TV producer; the robbed and abandoned fiancé and a nine-year-old tearaway all find their lives interweaving in this hilarious story of modern romance with a bitter twist.

People get blinding glimpses into the real nature of their lives; the routine is peeled aside, and they can see they've been stuck in a rut for years, going through the motions. Sometimes they see with equal clarity that they are free to take charge and sometimes it's just too late.