Cherish Overview

Zoe Adler (Tunney) is a shy animator with an inherent inferiority complex and a work environment in which she doesn't quite belong. Compulsively unable to spend time alone, she attends an office get-together uninvited. There she shares a few cocktails with a cute co-worker (Priestley). He offers to drive her home, and she, too drunk to drive, waits in her car while he hits the restroom.

Outside, a carjacker forces her into the driver's seat and as a result she runs over a cop. Her assailant flees into the night, leaving her with manslaughter charges and little money to defend herself. While she awaits trial, she's enrolled in an electronic bracelet program, unable to leave her home.

Unused to spending any time on her own, Zoe is tortured by the sentence and desperately clings to any form of human contact including coming on to her grocery delivery boy, making random phone calls and dragging out the visits from her bracelet officer Daly (Nelson).