Steve Miner Biography

Forever Young (1992)

Forever Young (1992)

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Released: December 16, 1992
Director: Steve Miner
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Cast: Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elijah Wood, George Wendt, Walton Goggins, Art LaFleur, Isabel Glasser
Genre: Romance
Length: 102 minutes
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Steve Miner Biography


Date of Birth: June 18, 1951

Born in Westport, Connecticut, Steve Miner's interest in film started with the movies his mother, a film librarian, brought home for the family to watch. He began his career as a production assistant on an industrial film. The experience gave him an understanding over all aspects of post-production and production, which in turn, led him to make films on his own.

He began to direct in 1981, following up the classic Friday the 13th with two popular sequels and the horror film House, which also spawned two sequels. Following the three horrors, Miner turned to a new genre, taking on the comedy Soul Man. The work inspired him to try out the small screen, and the series The Wonder Years was created. Directing every episode of the first season, the work garnered him three Emmy nominations and a DGA Award for Best Comedy Direction.

He returned to feature work in 1989 and completed two mediocre films before finding success with the blockbuster film Forever Young, starring Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis.

For the next few years Miner would jump back and forth between television and film, with hit-and-miss shows. His more successful shows include Chicago Hope, The Practice, Dawson's Creek and Felicity.

His feature work was not as successful, with flops like Sherwood's Travels and Big Bully. But his next two films, Halloween H20 and Lake Placid, broke the lousy trend, both excelling at the box office.

More recently, he's directed episodes of hit series such as Switched at Birth and Chasing Life. He's currently working on the upcoming horror film, The Exorcism at Lincoln High.

Miner married his wife, Susan, in 1977.


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