Estella Warren Biography

Kangaroo Jack

Kangaroo Jack

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Released: January 17, 2003
Director: David McNally
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Cast: Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren, Christopher Walken, Dyan Cannon, Michael Shannon, Marton Csokas, David Ngoombujarra
Genre: Comedy
Length: 89 minutes
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Estella Warren Photo

Estella Warren Biography


Date of Birth: December 23, 1978

Born in Peterborough, Ontario, Warren was discovered while walking down a runway at a high school fashion show. The former award-winning synchronized swimmer had moved to Toronto at the age of 12 to continue her swimming training with the national team. After the fashion show, she was advised to apply to New York to get her career started, and before she knew it, Ellen von Unwerth paid for her to go to the Big Apple, for a shoot for the Italian issue of Vogue.

After this exposure, Warren became the focus of many photographers and landed on the covers of magazines around the world including Elle, Marie Claire, GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special. In 1998 she began working with Chanel No. 5, appearing in both print ads and television commercials.

The commercial work led her to the world of acting and by 2000 she was in high demand by studios. Beginning with the independent film, Perfume, she quickly racked up a number of big budget films like Tangled, Driven, Planet of the Apes opposite Mark Walhberg and Kangaroo Jack (2003).

When not on the set or a fashion shoot, Warren enjoys horseback riding, playing the piano, singing, and of course, returning to her original passion, swimming.


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