Wish Upon Overview

Claire Shannon (Joey King) is having a rough time in high school. She lost her mother to suicide years earlier and she's bullied at school. When her father gives her a beautiful music box, she discovers the box is magical, granting the holder seven wishes. Claire doesn't really believe in the magic, but when she's nearly run over while riding her bicycle, she wishes the driver of the car — mean girl Darcie Chapman (Josephine Langford) — would "rot."

When Darcie wakes up the next morning, the skin all over her body is rotting away. Delighted that the box really is magical, Claire makes more wishes. Her life takes a turn for the better as she acquires money and love, but she soon realizes that each time she makes a wish, something bad happens in turn. As things spiral out of control, Claire realizes the magic box is evil, targeting innocent people. Although she keeps telling herself everything will be fine, everything is definitely far from fine.

  Canadian Connection: Filmed in Toronto.