The Unknown Girl Overview

Jenny, a general practitioner in a walk-in clinic in Lièges, hears the buzzer on the clinic’s front door one hour after closing. Her intern, Julien, gets up to answer the door, but she tells him not to bother, because it’s well after closing. The next day, Julien doesn’t show up at the office. Then the police arrive to tell Jenny a young woman, seen the day before in front of her clinic, has been found dead of a fractured skull by the river.

Upset that her actions may have contributed to the woman’s death, the young doctor gives police surveillance camera footage, which confirms her worst fears: a frightened African girl, visibly in flight, rang the buzzer at the clinic door one hour after closing time. When the girl’s body remains unidentified, Jenny, eaten by remorse, decides to conduct her own investigation. She shows a photo of the dead woman to her patients, but no one, apparently, knows the deceased. At the same time, Jenny tries to convince Julien, who has renounced medicine, to reverse his decision, just as she herself refuses to accept a better job in a private practice.