The Suicide Shop Overview

Le magasin des suicides (The Suicide Shop), a morbid version of a conventional pharmacy, has been the Tuvache family business since 1854. The store is stocked with rusty razor blades, nooses, swords and poison. Anyone who needs help ending their lives can get help from the Tuvaches.

But when little Alan Tuvache is born, he's a boy who likes to look on the bright side. Compared to his morbid parents and sad-sack siblings, Alan is a cheerful optimist, which makes him an utter disgrace to the family name. Alan's father Mishima tries to turn the boy around by giving him cigarettes so he can start his way to an early grave.

Nothing helps—Alan's sunny disposition just doesn't seem to take to gloom and death. The family is at their wit's end. With a kid who has no desire for death, how will their business survive?

Adapted from Jean Teulé's novel, Le magasin des suicides (The Suicide Shop).