The Eye Overview

At the age of two, Mann went blind. Fourteen years later, a new and risky corneal transplant operation restores her vision and her life, until inexplicable events lead her to believe there is more than meets the eye to her newfound gift of sight. Mysterious, black-clad figures appear to foreshadow sudden deaths, and horribly disfigured denizens haunt her everyday existence. Unable to recognize her own reflection, she peers into a mirror and sees another woman – Ling, the original owner of the corneas. The nightmarish visions are driving Mann insane. Desperate to uncover the truth, she visits Ling’s old village in Northern Thailand and discovers that Ling also had the ability to see ghosts; but the constant stream of apparitions and her unheeded prediction of a tragic fire caused her to commit suicide. Now it seems that Mann has inherited Ling’s miserable fate and the painful consequences that follow her extrasensory perception. But just as she is about to leave Thailand, the black-clad harbingers of death return – hundreds of them. Tragedy is about to strike and only Mann can stop it.