Agnes Browne Overview

Set in 1967 Dublin, Agnes Browne (Huston) and her seven children, ages 2-14, are sent into emotional turmoil and financial problems soon after the death of her husband. Agnes struggles to make ends meet, and eventually winds up selling fruits and vegetables at her Market Street stall. But this is not enough, and she is forced to borrowing money from a loan shark (Winstone) who isn't interested in special deals for widows or orphans.

Sharing an earthly laugh with her best friend Marion (O'Dwyer), making sure her children get the best education possible, and dreaming of someday seeing Tom Jones in concert, Agnes blazes through the days. A French baker (Chevrier) takes an interest in Agnes and joins forces with her children to see that Agnes gets her wish.

Based on Brendan O'Carroll's novel The Mammy.