Cinemark Stephenville Cinema 6

2900 W Washington Suite #53
Stephenville, Texas
(800) FANDANGO 1231#

Movie Showtimes

Showtimes from Tuesday September 1 to Monday September 7

Hitman: Agent 47(R)

Tue Sep 1:
2:10pm  4:40pm  7:15pm  
Wed Sep 2:
2:10pm  4:40pm  7:15pm  9:50pm  

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation(PG-13)

Tue Sep 1:
3:30pm  6:30pm  
Wed Sep 2:
3:30pm  6:30pm  9:30pm  

No Escape(R)

Tue Sep 1:
2:40pm  5:10pm  7:45pm  
Wed Sep 2:
2:40pm  5:10pm  7:45pm  10:20pm  

Sinister 2(R)

Tue Sep 1:
2:20pm  4:50pm  7:30pm  
Wed Sep 2:
2:20pm  4:50pm  7:30pm  10:10pm  

Straight Outta Compton(R)

Tue Sep 1:
3:20pm  6:45pm  
Wed Sep 2:
3:20pm  6:45pm  10:00pm  

The Transporter Refueled(PG-13)

Thu Sep 3:

We Are Your Friends(R)

Tue Sep 1:
2:00pm  4:30pm  7:00pm  
Wed Sep 2:
2:00pm  4:30pm  7:00pm  9:40pm