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The History of Love

The History of Love - Official


In the official trailer for The History of Love, a young girl named Alma (Sophie Nélisse) is reading a book called The History of Love. We soon see that this is Leo Gursky's (Derek Jacobi) story, and as he's thinking of his longlost love, he's berated by Bruno Leibovitch (Elliott Gould), who says it's been 60 years since Leo knew that girl.

Meanwhile, Alma has a crush on a boy, but just as he kisses her, she tells him she just wants to be friends, because, as she later tells a friend, she doesn't want him to think she's easy. We get a better look into Leo's love story, and just as Alma cries that love only exists in books, she's told that love is real. 

Uploaded: October 7, 2016