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In Theaters: October 20, 2017

On DVD/Blu-ray: January 23, 2018

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 1h 49m

Geostorm - Trailer #2


In the latest trailer for Geostorm, climate chief coordinator Jacob Laws (Gerard Butler) is an hour late for a hearing because he literally flew in from outer space. Butler then narrates that natural disasters are a thing of the past and that weather can be controlled. 

Unfortunately, one of the satellites malfunctions over Afghanistan, turning the desert into an icy landscape and freezing several men to death. The government sends Jacob into space for repairs, but they soon discover that the destructive weather conditions were not a malfunction, but intentional. In order to shut the system down, they have to kidnap the U.S. President (Andy Garcia) since he’s the only one with the kill codes. 

Geostorm opens in theatres October 20, 2017.

Uploaded: July 10, 2017