The Secret Life of Pets - Official Trailer #3


In Theaters July 8, 2016

In the third official trailer for The Secret Life of Pets, we meet a sweet dog named Max, who is overcome by sadness when his owner Katie leaves, and overcome with joy when she returns. We get a glimpse at other pets, who aren't as impressed by their owners.

When Katie comes home, she brings a huge dopey beast named Duke and says he's going to be Max's brother. The problem? Max doesn't want a brother, especially one that gives him disgusting slobbery kisses. When they're home alone, Duke turns out to be less than careful about Katie's decor, which gives Max an idea on how to get rid of Duke. Why not create some destruction and blame it on the new guy? But when Max and Duke get out and are captured by Animal Control, Max's crazy friends come up with a plan to bust them out.

Uploaded: April 14, 2016