La La Land - Official Trailer - 'Dreamers'


In Theaters December 9, 2016

In the official "Dreamers" trailer for La La Land, Mia (Emma Stone) stares into the camera and says, "Two options: you either follow my rules or follow my rules. Capiche?" The camera then pans to the unimpressed-looking people she's talking to, and it becomes evident that she's auditioning for a role.

As the trailer continues, we're also introduced to Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). He's a piano player at an L.A. lounge and on Christmas, is told that he's fired. The somber tone takes a turn, though, when Mia and Sebastian lock eyes and immediately fall in love. Together, they pursue their passions - for her, acting; for him, jazz music - and explore their budding romance under the bright lights of Los Angeles. 

Uploaded: November 8, 2016