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Wonder Woman

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In Theaters: June 2, 2017

On DVD/Blu-ray: September 19, 2017

PG-13 | Action, Adventure | 2h 21m

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User rating: 4.05

Based on 4164 votes and 452 reviews.

  • User rating: 1494 71.76%
  • User rating: 82 3.94%
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  • User rating: 432 20.75%

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User rating: September 7, 2017

This film was so great! I really enjoyed it

User rating: September 7, 2017

Yeah hitman's bodyguard was amazing and wonder garbage has such good reviews because of how she looks. That is not a proper review of a movie. If you look at the whole movie then it is a garbage movie but all of you are too scared to give this movie a bad review so I did it for you. If you won't stand up to this trash movie then I will. If you hate me for it then so be it your opinions don't matter to me. Mine is the only one that matters so do yourselves a favour and next time you put up a review give it about the whole movie and not on how the actor looks. Lol I have seen hitman's bodyguard 3 times over this trash and I will go see it again because it is hilarious and this movie I will never ever watch it again. A sequel I hope not because if they do I am out. Injustice league is going to be trash too. DC is trying way too hard to catch up to Marvel lmao. They will never march Marvel. The only movie they can do well is batman other then that they should quit while they are ahead

User rating: September 6, 2017

hitman's bodyguard over wonder women ????? u call Samuel L. Jackson Ryan Reynolds movie good, and u call gal gadot film garbage ????? mix reviews on hitman's bodyguard wonder women rave reviews....geez I guess the movies critics got it all wrong, now we know were your taste lies as it doesn't hold anything of value like a donkey farting in a mason jar, give it up and go away

User rating: September 6, 2017

I don't think people on here have said eviyfh about this trash you call a movie

User rating: September 5, 2017

I would like to have your attention. If there was an oscar for a movie then allow me to tell you who wins out of the movies so far thus summer. The oscar goes too hitman's bodyguard because it was so entertaining. Not much of a plot just like this one. At least they can act unlike Wonder garbage. Her acting is about as stale as it can get. I have seen her in tv shows and she is terrible. That is my thought on who should win the oscar. What do you think.......... Ah who cares what you think my opinion is the only one that matters

User rating: September 5, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen I declare this movie WONDER GARBAGE. There I said it and it feels GREAT.

User rating: September 5, 2017

WONDER GARBAGE really. Flipping hilarious comment. Way to go buddy with that comment. Bang on point. Bad movie and I couldn't have said that better myself

User rating: September 5, 2017

The reviews on here are hilarious. The negative reviews I cry laughing over them. They are a little over kill but who cares that is there point of view and I have to say that I do agree with them. If there is one person spamming this movie then that is hilarious because the comments are bang on point. I found the one comment really hilarious when the one person walked out and got there money back. Lol. If he is a critic then good for you buddy because I wish I had done that too

User rating: September 5, 2017

I am glad that you enjoyed me recent comment. Are you agreeing with me that this movie is trash and hitman's bodyguard is better. It is true hitman's bodyguard is better then this trash you call a movie. I can't believe that DC would put out such a trash movie that sucks on plot and acting meaning wonder garbage. Wonder no more because this movie is now called WONDER GARBAGE :) XD

User rating: September 4, 2017

What a trash movie. You all have bad taste for a movie and very bad reviews. Go watch hitman's bodyguard instead. It is so much better then this. LOL !!!!!!!!! u should be a stand up comic comments are laughable....I'm in tears