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User rating: April 11, 2020

One question I have: Perhaps I missed it, but does the movie ever intimate when Alex first lays eyes on Matthew? To me, that would have helped not only to connect the labyrinth of flashbacks to a coherent plot, i.e. why didn't she approach him all along, but have also to cultivate sympathy for Alex's character, for whom I already have much. The closest I can gather is when we watch the scene early in the film in which Matthew runs from the camera store after Lisa, i.e. he is watching her across the street through the camera, from Alex's point of view, as the girl whom he bumps into as he runs out the door after Lisa. If I recall correctly, that flashback had Alex and Lisa walking down the street. Alex was bringing the camera for repair; Lisa to dance. Lisa encourages Alex to speak to the one she admires from afar. Lisa talks about a man. So where and when did Alex first see Matthew? During the restaurant scene, the film's denouement, this uncertainty creates disappointment when it could have added clarity. Alex explains quite compellingly that she felt for him just as he had felt for Lisa. It is altogether valid, but unjustifiable because we have no insight into what she felt for him other than a comparison to Matthew for Lisa. If we had known, or could have intimated even, when that moment occurred in the timeline, the plot would have been wrapped tightly. I have only viewed the movie once, so perhaps I have missed quite conspicuous evidence to answer my question. I intend to again, so I would appreciate any hints, without explicitly telling me when, of course. Overall, I loved the movie. Whatever did happen to Josh Harnett? I wouldn't describe his career as spectacular in the years ensuing Wicker Park. Rose Byrne steals the movie. I could not have tolerated Matthew Lillard's character's puerile self-absorption for more than one scene. Moreover, the film left me indifferent regarding Matthew's feeling for Lisa -

User rating: November 27, 2016

What would I say about this movie called "Wicker Park." It's a great movie actually Josh Hartnett was great Diane Kruger was great Rose Byrne was great Matthew Lillard was great he was great in the horror movie called "Scream." He played a goofball named Stu!

User rating: February 1, 2010

i love that movie

User rating: February 2, 2006

this movie is truly wonderful. everything came together like a puzzle! i loved the ending soo much!

User rating: October 19, 2005

it was awesome.... I get to see again it..!!!!! Cooooooooooooool!!!

User rating: September 19, 2005

What made the story unbelievable was that, as a guy, if a girl slept with me on the first date, sure, I`d see her again, because free sex is free sex, but fall in love with her? Come on, the guy (Matthew was his name) was so pathetic, crying about her when she took off. If she slept with him on the first date, she probably slept with every other guy she ever had a date with. She wasn`t worth crying over, Matt... Get a life buddy. Jeez.

User rating: September 19, 2005

I didn`t get why Alex was wearing blue contact lenses when she was doing the play. Nobody wears contact lenses in a play -- the audience is too far away to see eye colour. And if it was to be unrecognizable to Josh Hartnett`s character, well she didn`t know he would be there. And she was unrecognizable with all that makeup, anyway.

User rating: September 19, 2005

First of all, should`ve been set in the 70s, because cell phones would`ve solved most of this. Secondly, artistically it was very interesting, but the character development was nil and the story suffered by filming it in jumps and starts. It all made sense in the end, but I was unable to get attached to any of the characters because I was too busy trying to figure out what was happening.

User rating: July 26, 2005

wicker park is the coolest movie ever every one needs to see it if you dont your mad

User rating: July 12, 2005

beautiful pictured non linear movie. wonderfully taken. cant bet who is best, mathew,alex or liza... hmm could be alex.