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In Theaters: October 17, 2008

PG-13 | Drama | 2h 11m

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User rating: 3.62

Based on 221 votes and 58 reviews.

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User rating: October 26, 2008

pretty boring. horrible impression of Condoleza Rice and Collin Powell. I expected to learn more about his personal life and family upbringing but did not get that. My view of George W. Bush before the movie was a pathetic man and that has not changed.

User rating: October 25, 2008

While impressed with several performances (Brolin, Dreyfus, Burnsyn), I couldn't help feeling that the movie was a bit of a cop-out. Mr. Stone needed to take a stand on whether Bush is a raving lunatic or a victim of circumstance, and he comes out short on either end. We all know George W. Bush is the worst president in the history of the USA, but nobody wants to say it out loud. Years from now everyone will want to know "What the hell were they thinking??".

User rating: October 23, 2008

Elizabeth Banks is sure to get an Oscar nomination for her wonderful work here.

User rating: October 22, 2008

AMAZING! Brolin captures everything about Bush: his swagger, his determination, and his sexiness!

User rating: October 22, 2008

A special movie about a very special man.

User rating: October 22, 2008

Perfect movie for the perfect idiot..5/5

User rating: October 21, 2008

I found it actually kind of boring...and funny because I couldn't believe that he actually said and did the things portrayed in the movie. I found the movie a little slow though, it's more of a rental I'd say.

User rating: October 21, 2008

Insightful film. I learned a lot about the man and his family. Worth seeing. Brolin delivers in the role as George W. Bush.

User rating: October 20, 2008

lacked focus. boring. fell asleep twice (and i'm a politcs junke!!!)

User rating: October 20, 2008

A very smart and engaging movie.