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Unleashed (2005)

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User rating: 3.83

Based on 8285 votes and 70 reviews.

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User rating: August 18, 2005

best Jet Li movie i had ever show

User rating: August 11, 2005

its an amazing movie i have ever seen.must watch.

User rating: July 4, 2005

The best Jet lee U.S movie so far it had a story too it.....

User rating: June 23, 2005

I came into the movie thearter with high expectations, however it did not forfill them. I`m not saying this movie was bad but there was a lot of senseless action scene and i kinda got bored watch them fight. However Jet li`s did give a powerfull preformance. Overall three stars.

User rating: June 20, 2005

The best Jet Li film I have seen. Loved it! This movie has not only the action scenes but also a fundamental message, THE KEY TO HAPPINESS PEOPLE IS A STRONG FAMILY, THE LOVE THAT BINDS!! A definite must.

User rating: June 18, 2005

Jet Li can act, not to mention the fighting scene.

User rating: June 13, 2005

No good at all, don`t waste your money and time

User rating: June 13, 2005

Stupid Movie, don`t see it! you going to cry after the movie, it`s because you just wasted time and money.

User rating: June 13, 2005

Great movie to see! Action, drama, a little comedy and yes some violence. Fantastic!

User rating: June 10, 2005

Great movie, great story...even I am not Jet Li`s fan!