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In Theaters: December 19, 1997

PG-13 | Drama, Romance | 3h 14m

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User rating: 4.25

Based on 2953 votes and 66 reviews.

  • User rating: 2244 79.24%
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User rating: February 16, 2018

This is the only romantic movie which I didn´t find totally boring, and I´m pretty cynical person. It has good mix of tragedy, love story, some humour and amazing visual effects.

User rating: November 30, 2017

this is the BEST movie ever made to date!

User rating: April 9, 2012

a good movie, but don't see it in 3-d.

User rating: April 8, 2012

over-rated for sure!

User rating: April 8, 2012

not as great as could be

User rating: April 17, 2009

Wow titanic is the best movie ever in my opinion

User rating: January 11, 2009

i cried sooo hard

User rating: August 25, 2008

This is the greatest love story of them all. The actors are amazing. Leo and Kate were a great couple. Who ever gave this movie less than 3 stars doesn't have a good taste in movies!

User rating: January 3, 2008

I have never been so entranced by a movie as I was by Titanic. An absolute must-see. Pure perfection. A cinematic masterpiece. I could go on and on about how amazing this movie is!

User rating: October 23, 2007

its awesome and sad