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The Wolf of Wall Street

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In Theaters: December 25, 2013

R | Drama | 3h 0m

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User rating: 2.96

Based on 386 votes and 155 reviews.

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User rating: January 26, 2014

Love it!, funny as funny it can be and Leo was outstanding!!

User rating: January 25, 2014

I didn't like it, I had to walk out from this movie. I just couldn't watch it.

User rating: January 25, 2014

DO NOT GO SEE Terrible Movie. Nothing but porn, bad movie.... Absolute garbage.

User rating: January 24, 2014

We took the entire family and loved it.

User rating: January 23, 2014

Just saw the film today. It is a honest portrayal of what went on in Belfort's life, the drugs, sex, corruption everything to excess. Lots of Scorsese's magic and DiCaprio excellent. For those who found it to have too much sex, nudity, swearing etc. stop burying your head in the sand, people can do awful things. Belfort has turned his life around after losing everything which likely took more guts than the excesses and deception.

User rating: January 23, 2014

It is sad when the only thing coming to theatres is profanity! Upsetting to see and hear what Hollywood thinks is entertainment. If you are offended by profanity this is definitely a movie you should avoid!!!

User rating: January 23, 2014

I absolutely loved this movie, my husband and I will be seeing it again. As always Leo did it again! Yes, there is quite a bit of nudity and obscene language but it is reality. If you don't like having a reality check about extreme lifestyles this is not for you. All in all I will be buying it once it comes out!

User rating: January 22, 2014

Every second word is F***, lots of graphic sex scenes and drugs. No real story line. Worst movie I have seen in ages

User rating: January 22, 2014

Nice satirical comedy. We must think of the consequences of our behaviour. The American dream is well presented in this film. The American dream is to be rich and when we want to, we can make it. In this world, everyone wants to make a fortune. Everyone can become rich by working his mind. In this film, we are shown the art of persuasion. I liked how to convince someone in five minutes, the art of being a "seller"; when you know the tactics, we can sell everything. The life of brokers at Wall Street is represented in a funny way and shows us that when the need is to make money too fast, there may be slippage.

User rating: January 21, 2014

This movie would make pornography blush. Absolute garbage