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User rating: August 27, 2011

Different, unique but fun and holds your attention. This is from both a buddy and myself who agree.

User rating: July 5, 2011


User rating: July 1, 2011

An awesome samurai flick!!

User rating: April 30, 2011

Two thumbs way down. If you are looking for a samurai/swordplay movie I would rather recommend Ninja Assassin

User rating: April 30, 2011

One of the worst samurai/swordplay movies I have ever seen. Bad Acting and horrible plot. Not reccomended- two thumbs down.

User rating: December 31, 2010

im so hungry for samuria kind of movies i would watch them all or at least one a day in theatre my name is kurt

User rating: November 26, 2010

Great movie

User rating: October 21, 2010

That has got to be the best line I've heard in a long time: "Ninjas. Damn."