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The Simpsons Movie

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In Theaters: July 27, 2007

PG-13 | Animation, Comedy | 1h 27m

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User rating: 2.58

Based on 5572 votes and 194 reviews.

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User rating: July 13, 2017

Some good laughs here and there, but I wish they had made the movie a decade earlier during the peak years of the show. Homer and Bart are typically funny, but way too much time is wasted on Lisa who was never funny and over the years grew to be a intolerable and reprehensible character.

User rating: July 8, 2010

possibly the best movie of 2007, and obviously the funniest animated movie ever!!!! the writers brought the hit tv show to the big screen without screwing up! i just can't get the spider-pig song out of my head!!!!

User rating: January 25, 2009

the greatest movie i have seen yet!! go spiderpig!! loved the plot, only problem was i couldn't hear all of it cos everyone in the cinema was laugh so much! 5/5 any day of the week!! and to all u people that say it was a long episode: SO WHAT!?! it was fab anyway!! see it, buy the dvd, LAUGH! 10/10!!!!!!!!

User rating: January 24, 2009

It was awesome I hope they make another

User rating: January 17, 2009

Wow I absolutely loved it! True it did slow down a bit, but it was worth watching. Spider Pig and Harry Plopper were awesome. I rate it 5 stars -BW

User rating: July 25, 2008


User rating: July 21, 2008

It's a great movie

User rating: May 27, 2008

Bit of a letdown. Basically an average episode extended to movie length. Only the animation was better.

User rating: January 29, 2008

it's ok, has funny moments. disrespectful as would be expected from any cartoon nowadays. wouldn't buy/rent. has a 'green' theme.

User rating: January 3, 2008

Respectably funny. What you would expect from a simpsons movie. Bit short though... even for an animated movie. Recommend it to any simpsons fan, or fan of comedy's, worth your buck, though you won't get extra for it.