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User rating: October 14, 2002

An intelligent movie. Great suspense, acting, plot and realistic too. Overall, I think one of the best movies of the year. Something interesting to note; this is one of the few (R)-rated movies where noone is killed.

User rating: March 17, 2002

comment Very good movie, good plot and suspenseful. Also if you ever lived in Montreal, it was great to see familiar places.

User rating: February 20, 2002

Totally great movie, very suspenceful, not actiony, but just good. not boring at all. good story and plot unfolded nicely.

User rating: January 29, 2002

This movie was great! In regards to a previous comment about it being slow and boring, but the last 20 minutes being good, why do you think they were good? Its mainly because of all the planning and build up though the movie. It made it so the veiwer is really interested in seeing how the plan works out!

User rating: January 1, 2002

Excellent. Great storyline, great acting. Good Twists.

User rating: October 7, 2001

I didn t see the movie and will not see the movie. I m appalled that there is a movie that glamourizes the activities of organized crime. I, along with countless others, have been affected by this problem in our society and now here s a moive that attempts to exonerate their actions by depicting them as successful entrepreneur. I m getting sick of crime and sick of seeing in it glorified on the movies. If I want to familiarize myself with the pre

User rating: October 4, 2001

One of the most boring and slow movies ever. The only part worth watching is the last 20 minutes.