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The Others

User rating: 3.75 18 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: August 10, 2001

PG-13 | Horror, Thriller | 1h 45m

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User rating: 3.75

Based on 1419 votes and 18 reviews.

  • User rating: 707 50.14%
  • User rating: 314 22.27%
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  • User rating: 327 23.19%

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User rating: May 12, 2005


User rating: March 31, 2005

what a great MOVIE....well acted..and a great twist...

User rating: November 10, 2003

I loved it!!

User rating: July 10, 2003

The Others is a fantastic movie! It made you feel paranoid about your own house! Great acting by Nicole Kidman, the end takes you on a spin!!

User rating: December 26, 2002


User rating: June 8, 2002

i thought this movie was alright. makes it look freakier in the trailer but there`s only about 2 or 3 scary parts! but the surrond sound makes it look freakier! the rest is pretty boring except the last 10min! the ending was a big shock! Nicole Kidman was perfect for the part though!

User rating: May 21, 2002

`The Others` was great! No wait I need a better word to describe it... I know! Amazing, marvelous, suspensful, mysterious, and edge-of-your-seat thriller! Nicole Kidman was awesome! I loved it! The ending was a total shock! Some of Kidman`s long line of perfect work.

User rating: May 15, 2002

fantastic!!! *****

User rating: January 19, 2002

Screamed out loud in the theatre...Never has a movie scared me that much before!

User rating: January 5, 2002

Rarely does a movie scare me.....but "The Others" had me and many other people in the theatre sent chills down my spine and I could not figure out what the plot was all about....which is something that disappoints me in movies (when the plot is so predictable)........great movie.....can`t wait for it to come out on DVD.....I plan to watch it with all my lights off......