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The Matrix

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In Theaters: March 31, 1999

On DVD/Blu-ray: September 21, 1999

R | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi | 2h 16m

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User rating: 4.45

Based on 69486 votes and 108 reviews.

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User rating: January 8, 2007

I thought The Matrix was wonderful. It based on Jesus Christ on Neo saving Zion. The only thing wrong with it was to much bad words on it. I really didn`t like seeing God or Jesus being used in vain. But other than that The Matrix is one of my favorite sequels ever. I really hope that the Wachowski Brothers continue to make more Matrix movies. Hey why not make prequels. Like George Lucas did with Star Wars.

User rating: October 2, 2006

i agree with every person on here with a positive attitude. this just may be the best movie ever made....arguably that is....but a good one.

User rating: September 23, 2006

the matrix is the best movie in this world

User rating: July 27, 2006

i had never seen a movie like matrix i m just crazzzy for it it is just can`t find words to express my feelings it`s just superb !!!!

User rating: July 26, 2006

The Matrix is the BEST movie ever. The concept of it is really good. The special effects and movie outline is fantastic!!!!!

User rating: July 2, 2006

I hope Keanu Reeves plays "Norrin Radd" best known as the Silver Surfer! He would be the perfect actor to get that role!

User rating: June 30, 2006

I really feel a sense of purpose each time i watch Matrix Revolution. i will really like get some clue on how someone like me can get to be thinking deep.You guys really explained God in away in the Matrix Movie, i.e our reletionship the Source is really what we need to build. the still remains the film i can watch one million times without geting tired of it.Keep up the good work.

User rating: May 28, 2006

This movie is an astronishing one. It requires a lot of attention if u wanna understand it. This movie is the altimate movie ever made.Thanx to the wachowski brothers for explaining us the meaning of life.

User rating: April 12, 2006

i i used to think starwars was good but when i saw this... wow

User rating: April 10, 2006

The best.