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The Lost City

User rating: 3.72 61 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: March 25, 2022

On DVD/Blu-ray: July 26, 2022

PG-13 | Adventure, Comedy, Romance | 1h 52m

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User rating: 3.72

Based on 168 votes and 61 reviews.

  • User rating: 86 53.09%
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  • User rating: 22 13.58%
  • User rating: 22 13.58%

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User rating: July 1, 2022

Enjoyed every minute. It is well crafted and a bit sexy even. Great for date night, classic trope discussions and to lighten the mood. Hughlybrecommended even for the snootyist film buffs

User rating: June 21, 2022

The acting was superb. The movie had adventure, mystery, romance, comedy. The sound affects and scenery were breathtaking. Every moment had me anxiously waiting for the next scene. I recommend this movie to everyone as it is everything I said it was and more.

User rating: June 7, 2022

it was a cute movie..not as funny as I thought it was gonna be

User rating: June 1, 2022

There was no chemistry between Tatum and Bullock, Tatum just seemed too polite, I kept waiting for Bullock to wake up and start acting, and what is up with all of the botox? There were a few funny spots but was a major snooze fest, the only bright spot was Brad Pitt even though he wasn't on screen long enough, I went to see the movie because of Channing Tatum, I should have gone to see his movie, The Dog

User rating: May 30, 2022

I disliked everything about it because it was just plain stupid plots scripts and not that funny kind of a film worth watching at all. It was not my kind of movie worth watching at all period. If I could rate this movie zero stars I would but its going to be a one star if any at all because that is what I think about it not to be rude,sorry but it is the truth though to he honest.

User rating: May 26, 2022

Brad Pitt good, Sandra was a poor performance, bad writing. They must have run out of money to pay Brad Pitt, he was great! This movie had so much potential. A waist of money to see it.

User rating: May 22, 2022

tatum and bullock are as expected, sweet not allot of depth but an enjoyable light flic to chill an afternoon and a bucket of popcorn.

User rating: May 20, 2022

Stars shine

User rating: May 16, 2022

This was a fun, comedy flick. It has three of the most entertaining actors in Hollywood and has lots of laughs. Fun way to spend 2 hours.

User rating: May 15, 2022

Long time since i had a good laugh at the movies! Good fun!